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A new approach to data

Until now, it’s been difficult to understand how often employees use their healthcare benefits. Health insurers haven’t always been willing to share data, making it difficult for companies to understand the value of their benefits. Precision Analytics changes this. Our secure web portal puts real time, interactive and dynamic Group Scheme data at your fingertips.


You can benefit from a level of transparency and clarity unheard of in the insurance industry.

Precision Analytics gives you insight into exactly how your Group Scheme is being used, what is driving premium
increases and, ultimately, model the Group Scheme to best fit your needs.

Precision Analytics is an integral part of Precision Corporate Healthcare

It allows companies and intermediaries to precisely understand the claims costs of each Group Scheme and therefore understand how renewal premiums are calculated in a fair and sustainable way.

Please note: There will be a time lag between when a Group joins WPA and when there is sufficient data available within Precision Analytics.

This is because a Group needs to have been with WPA for a minimum period of time, typically one year, in order to experience statistically relevant claims.

All data is anonymised to ensure that it complies with Data Protection legislation and you will not be able to link an individual to a condition that they have claimed for.

Tablet showing Precision Analytics user interface


Precision Analytics has a huge range of performance data. With the use of intuitive and interactive charts the data
will help companies and intermediaries understand usage of the Group Scheme.


transparent  |  flexible  |  simple

A simple, flexible and innovative scheme
offering health insurance, cash plan and dental benefits.

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