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Intelligent, intuitive and simple

An intelligent, intuitive and simple mobile based application. Making a health insurance claim has never been easier.

Built with the latest machine learning and AI technologies. At its heart are clinical algorithms, correlating more than twenty million variables of symptoms, diagnoses and treatment options. With 5,000 different symptoms, 10,000 different diagnoses, 226 different bespoke policies, 15,000 hospitals and specialists that can invoice for over 100,000 different items there are billions and billions of different combinations, to help you make your claim.

Precision Claim integration

When you're ill, you want peace of mind quickly - getting an initial consultation with a medical professional is the most important step. Within a few minutes, a customer can get pre-authorisation to visit a specialist so they can start their treatment journey as quickly as possible.

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Download our app for iOS or Android, or log onto your secure WPA account (Coming Soon!)

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Register your details

It takes less than a minute.

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Get confirmation within a few minutes so you can start your treatment journey as quickly as possible.

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